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East West Realty Developers founded in 2013, is a sister concern of East West Pharma, a company with a reputed market standing of well over a decade. East West Realty Developers aims to bring affordable and convenient living in tune with the aspirations of everyone who wants to own a dream home. From designs, materials and construction methods to management techniques, East West Realty Developers always seeks new and better ways to help its customers achieve their goals, through properties that have excellent overall quality and value. Read more...

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Launching Balram Enclave on 17/02/2014

Life is all about breaking free. Where living spaces have breathing space, and your dreams are never cramped into a corner. Balram Enclave brings you this life, free of the shackles of congestion, crowds and connement. Homes where you get the freedom to soar high, and live big.

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