East West

Balram Enclave


Dream More. Live More.

Life is all about breaking free. Where living spaces have breathing space, and your dreams are never cramped into a corner. Balram Enclave brings you this life, free of the shackles of congestion, crowds and connement. Homes where you get the freedom to soar high, and live big.

Balram Enclave houses 36 ultra-premium apartments that bestow a life of exclusivity, tranquilty and luxury. Located right in the heart of Salem, yet far from the bustling crowds. Each Balram Enclave home is designed to breathe life into living spaces. Expansively laid out and thoughtfully designed to let in cheerful sunshine and blissful breeze. Equipped with conveniences and adorned with luxuries, such as the first of its kind skypool on the terrace. Every single aspect has been designed to enable a life of exquisite luxury and exclusive comforts. Say goodbye to restricted living. Breathe free at Balram Enclave.